Pooch & Pony Physiotherapy

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One thing people seem surprised about is that I can visit you and your dog at home to give treatments. My service is fully mobile and covers Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. 


I often find dogs and horses are more relaxed in their own environment and therefore respond much better to treatment sessions. They also don't have to get back in a car or horsebox and travel home afterwards meaning they can stay where they are and continue to snooze!


Travelling to see me can sometimes be impractical if you don't have transport or if your pet's condition makes it difficult for them to travel in the car. 


I also offer evening and weekend appointments to fit around you. 


At this time of year I see a lot of injuries associated with slipping on icy or muddy ground or strains from getting stuck in the mud. Arthritic pets can become stiffer due to less exercise and the cold, damp weather and would like a bit of extra TLC.


We also need to look forward to Spring as the nights are becoming lighter and we are able to go that bit further after work. Why not get your pet booked in for an MOT before they start showing signs of lameness, stiffness or unwillingness to exercise.