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I'm a little late with the blog post this month as I've had a busy few weeks.


My most recent adventure was having a stand at a  local charity show offering free advice and physio assessments. 


I was lucky to meet some lovely dogs and their owners. Many of these dogs were rescues and it is heartwarming to hear the owners talk about the progress these dogs have made since finding their forever homes.


For many rescue dogs their history is unknown and they often come with psychological and behavioural issues. They may also have prior injuries that you are unaware of and be compensating for areas of weakness or tension.


Physiotherapy can be a great tool for owners of rescue dogs. Having a physio MOT can give you a better understanding of how your dog moves, any areas of weakness or tension and give you support and advice on how to manage long term conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.


Massage can help to promote relaxation, relieve stress and tension, reduce pain and help dog and owner develop a bond. For dogs that find the kennel or home environment stressful or are struggling to adapt to their change in circumstances regular massage sessions can be extremely beneficial. 


Therapeutic exercise has mental and physical benefits. By teaching your dog some of these simple exercises you can improve confidence and responsiveness, strengthen muscles and help to tire your dog mentally. 


If you want to know more about physiotherapy and how it can help you and your pet get in touch to book an appointment or for me to answer your questions.