Pooch & Pony Physiotherapy

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Does your dog love what they do? Are they an agility angel, flyball fanatic or hardworking sheepdog?

Dogs love to have mental and physical stimulation and with so many sports owners can now get involved in there is an activity out there for every dog and owner.

Each sport has its own requirements from the stamina of CaniX to the speed and flexibility of flyball and agility or the total concentration required for obedience.

Now consider how you prepare your dog for their sport and what they do after exercise.

Do you warm them up slowly and gradually before the event incorporating some walking before upping the pace to a trot and incorporating some sport specific exercises?

Do you walk them off after their event to allow them to catch their breath and their muscles to cool down slowly?

Would you warm up and cool down a human athlete? If so, why not your dog?

A physiotherapist can help advise you on a warm up and cool down routine that suits your dog and they can help with the all important training plan if needed.

During intense activity and competition your dog is working his muscle, tendons and ligaments hard. There’s twisting and turning involved and in the case of a competition in can be a long day with multiple heats. This all puts strain and stress on your dog so why not have them regularly checked over by a qualified physiotherapist?

They can look at muscle build up, improve areas of weakness and give you exercises to perform at home to help prevent injury and maintain performance. They can also help recovery from injury, identifying areas of pain and to relax tight muscles.