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We all suffer from aches and pains as we get older and lose some of that flexibility we once had and this goes for our pets as well.

Have you noticed your dog doesn’t walk as far as they used to? Your cat doesn’t sleep on the windowsill anymore? Your pet seems to be sleeping more these days?

These can all be signs that your pet is suffering from arthritis. It is always worth getting your pet checked over by the vet if they show a change in behaviour or activity levels.

If you feel your pet is slowing down or they have already been diagnosed with arthritis there are a few changes you can make to your pet’s routine to help keep them comfortable.

  • Lift them in and out of the car to help prevent extra pressure being put on joints or invest in a ramp they can use to get into the car
  • If your cat has a favourite spot high up use a series of objects to act as steps to enable them to reach this if they can’t jump that high anymore
  • Try more frequent shorter walks to prevent your pet stiffening up or becoming too tired when out
  • Consider investing in a coat for your dog as they often feel the cold more
  • Learn some massage techniques to help soothe aching muscles and joints
  • Provide padded bedding and if you have hard floors where your pet likes to rest during the day consider putting a bed there for them
  • Heat can be soothing to aching joints and muscles – wrap a warm hot water bottle in a towel and allow your pet to lie on it for 10 minutes
  • Try and avoid tiled and laminate floors, your pet may struggle to get up and slip when walking