Pooch & Pony Physiotherapy

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All patients are treated under veterinary referral by law. 

Please download the veterinary referral form and ask your vet to complete and sign before the date of your first appointment.

 Veterinary Referral Form


Your initial appointment will be approximately 60 minutes long and will involve an in depth look at your pet's current issues, gait and any injury or surgery that has taken place. I will also take a detailed history to allow us to understand your pet's needs and your goals for your pet whether that be to remain comfortable, regain normal function after surgery or to maintain performance in working and competition animals. 

During this consultation we will devise an initial treatment plan and begin to address any issues found. 

Dependant on your pet's condition and response to treatment they may require a course of treatments or routine maintenance visits. 

Pooch and Pony Physiotherapy is recognised by pet insurance companies.


Equine consultations take place at your own yard:

Consultation £40


Canine consultations can take place in your own home or Chesterfield Hydrotherapy Referral Centre.

Consultation £30


Please note that yard visits and home visits outside a 20 mile radius of Rotherham will incur additional travel charges.